Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

The Property Maintenance division is charged with the inspection of all existing buildings and lots located within the City limits of Ashland to ensure compliance with City of Ashland ordinances that relate to buildings and property. The division can also inspect buildings under construction for compliance with the Kentucky Building Code and the Kentucky Residential Code..

  • Inspecting construction projects to ensure conformance with building codes and the zoning ordinance.
  • Inspecting properties to ensure compliance with the property maintenance code.
  • Inspecting properties for the Assisted Housing Authority of the City of Ashland
  • Preparing agenda and providing information to the Code Enforcement Board

The Code Enforcement Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM in the Commission Chambers on the 3rd floor of the City Building. This board hears appeal cases for all code fines issued by the Property Maintenance Division. An appeal form must be submitted to the Property Maintenance Division within seven (7) days of the issuance of a citation. 

Access for lodging complaints of property maintenance violations is accessible through our online server 24 hours a day. You can also check the status of complaints on particular properties and check the status of your building permit.

Property Maintenance Staff:
Scott Niece, Property Maintenance Manager
Debbie Eoff, Property Maintenance Inspector
Tony Mosser, Property Maintenance Inspector

Phone: 606-327-2026