Online Reporting

Click Here to make an online account and to file a report online! 

Online Reports may only be under certain conditions: 

Criminal Mischief/Vandalism (Under $1,000) - Defaced, damaged property (e.g. graffiti, damaged mailbox, keyed vehicle, broken windows)
Credit/Debit Card Fraud (Under $500 over a six month period) - Intent to defraud; unauthorized use of forged, expired, or revoked card to obtain money or purchase goods or services.
Harassing Communication Unwanted phone calls of an annoying, harassing or threatening nature. Repeated or immediate hang-ups, obscene language.
Theft from Auto (Under $500) - Property stolen from motor vehicle. Stolen equipment or belongings from a vehicle.
Property Lost or Missing (Under $500) - Property that is missing, leaving items in a restaurant, or missing from home.
Theft by Unlawful Taking (Under $500) - Stolen property without permission - excludes vehicles, firearms, farm equipment, boats, aircraft. Property known to be stolen and missing can be reported as this type. Lost property is not a theft.
Non-Criminal Property Damage Unintentional damage caused to property, either personal or real, e.g. a tree falls on your house, a shopping cart damages your car.