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J O B    N O T I C E
The City of Ashland is accepting applications for the position of

Department of Fire
Supervisor:    Fire Captain
Class Characteristics:   Under the direction of a superior officer, performs fire suppression and prevention activities; performs complicated rescue activities; performs hazardous materials response; performs routine station and equipment maintenance duties; performs related work as required.
REQUIREMENTS:   by the date of submission of the application, be twenty-one (21) years of age and not over forty (40) years of age, unless the applicant has had as much as five (5) years experience as a fire fighter and is not over fifty-five (55) years of age per KRS 95.762, and provide copy of birth certificate copy with application; be a high school graduate or have earned a GED Diploma for high school level and provide copy of diploma with application.  Must be an orderly, law-abiding citizen; a person of sobriety and integrity, and of sound mind and body.  Be willing to become a qualified voter of the Commonwealth of Kentucky within six (6) months of date of appointment, if employed;  be willing to undergo a thorough personal background investigation prior to a conditional offer of employment; after a conditional offer of employment, successfully complete a thorough physical examination as required prior to probationary appointment provided he satisfactorily passes all other performance requirements; have any other qualifications as may be prescribed by Kentucky Statutes or ordinances of the City of Ashland including but not limited to Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) per KRS 95A.040; as a pre-condition to employment and a condition to continued employment, execute a waiver to submit to random testing for illicit drugs.  This waiver will be in force as long as employed by the Ashland Fire Department.  Provide a truthful statement certifying he has not used illicit drugs for the past twelve (12) months; be willing to submit to and successfully complete a polygraph test at option of the City prior to probationary appointment; possess and maintain a valid drivers license and provide a copy.  Successfully complete a semi-annual physical fitness test (1.5 mile run, max sit-ups and pushups.)  Acquire and maintain Kentucky emergency medical technician certification within two (2) years of employment.

Contact :

Apply:     Room 301, City Bldg., 1700 Greenup Ave., Ashland, KY,  Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or Application downloadable at   NO FAXED OR EMAILED APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.  Must include copy of  education verification, including high school diploma or GED, copy of official Birth Certificate, and copy of drivers’ license with application.
Closing Date and Time for Accepting Applications:   THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2019,
                                                                                                             at 4:00 p.m.


Equal Opportunity Employer


Deadline for Applying : Jan 31, 2019