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Employment Opportunities

J O B    N O T I C E

 The City of Ashland is accepting applications for the position of


Public Works Department /Mass Transit Division

Supervisor: Mass Transit Supervisor

Supervises: None

Grade: 26

Class Characteristics: Under general supervision, operate city passenger bus or van following designated route and time as scheduled or on-call as needed basis during absence of Bus Driver; insures safety of passengers at all times; performs related work as required.

General Duties and Responsibilities: Drives bus on designated route and time schedule to pick up and discharge passengers at designated locations; occasionally transports passengers on special charters and tours.  Uses lift and provides assistance for handicapped/disabled passengers.  Insures safe operating condition of bus; checks engine, tires, fuel, lights, brakes, steering and condition of seats and floor prior to beginning route; monitors conditions during shift and takes necessary actions.  Report malfunctions to garage.  Immediately reports accidents involving bus or passenger to supervisor and Police Department.  Insure that bus is kept in clean and sanitary condition.  Issues and collects tickets and transfers; records number of passengers; prepares and maintains accurate logs and reports reference number of passengers, activities during shift, etc.  Observe posted speed limits and all operation laws, regulations, and safety precautions.  Report all out-of-ordinary activities to supervisor for immediate action.  Report all complaints/criticisms to supervisor.


Training and Experience: No education or previous work experience requirements.  Must obtain high school diploma or equivalent in order to be considered for another position within the city service.  APPLICANTS POSSESSING HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA OR GED MUST PROVIDE A COPY OR VERIFICATION OF RECEIPT WITH APPLICATION AND COPY OF DD214, IF APPLICABLE.

Certification/Licensing Requirements: Must possess /maintain a valid commercial drivers’ license, Class “B”, with passenger endorsement, as a condition of continued employment in this class.

Availability Requirement: Must perform on-call duties.

Overtime Provision: Non?exempt.

Apply: Human Resources, Room 301, City Building, 1700 Greenup Avenue, Ashland, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  APPLICATION DOWNLOADABLE AT www.ashlandky.gov. Applicants must provide copy of: high school diploma/GED, drivers license, and DD214, IF APPLICABLE, with application. NO FAXED APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.

Closing Date and Time for Accepting Applications:  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2014, at 4:00 p.m.

Equal Opportunity Employer