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Welcome to the City of Ashland!  Our mission is to provide courteous, efficient, and accurate services for the benefit of  the City of Ashland and its citizens, and to administer the Occupational License Fee ordinance of the City of Ashland in a fair and impartial manner.

Every entity located in or soliciting business in the City of Ashland must obtain a Business Privilege License prior to commencement of such business.  The fee for the initial license is determined by the month the entity initiates business.  Thereafter, the annual minimum fee is $100.00.  This fee is allowed as a credit against any amount due upon the filing of the annual Net Profit License Fee Return.  The Net Profit License Fee Return is to be filed pursuant to the due dates required for federal return filings.  Failure to obtain an annual license and / or file the annual return will subject the entity to penalties, interest and prosecution as provided by law.  If a business has employees, an Occupational License Fee must be withheld by the employer from all employees gross wages earned for work or services performed within the City.   

The City of Ashland also offers a Temporary Vendor's Permit for jobs that are short-term.  A Tempoary Vendor's Permit Application is available for $10.00 per day for jobs or street fairs not exceeding 5 days consecutively. 

The Business Privilege License Application, Temporary Vendor's Permit Application, Net Profit License Fee Return, and Occupational License Fee forms are located in the Online Document Center.

Payments for the Business Privilege License can be made under the "Pay Online" tab.

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