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Every entity conducting business in the City of Ashland for a profit is required to file a Net Profit Return at a rate of 2%.  The Business Privilege License payment can be taken as a credit on the Net Profit Return.  A copy of the federal return must accompany the completed Net Profit Return.  The Net Profit Return is due on the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the year (April 15th for calendar year filers).  If a business files a federal extension, they will need to submit a copy of the federal extension, along with a 90% estimated payment by the federal due date (April 15th for calendar year filers).  The account must be in compliance for an extension to be granted. 

The Net Profit License Fee Return form is located in the Online Document Center.

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Business Privilege License, Net Profit, Occupational License:
Phone Number:  (606) 385-3360, (606) 385-3358, (606) 385-3359  

Net Profit License Fee Reminder:  2023 Net Profit Returns that are on extension with the City of Ashland are due by October 15, 2024 for calendar year filers.  A copy of the Federal Return and a copy of any 1099's issued for work within city limits is due with your Net Profit Return.   

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