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What are my tenant obligations?

All participants are responsible for meeting their family obligations, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Reporting all information including changes in: household income, household composition, and contact information.  All changes must be reported in writing within 14 days that the change is effective.
  • Supply any information the agency or HUD determines to be necessary including evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status and information for use in regularly scheduled reexamination or interim reexamination of family and composition.
  • Must allow the housing authority to inspect the unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice.
  • All information supplied by the family must be correct.  Penalties may apply if you knowingly omit information or give false information.
  • Pay utility bills and maintain appliances, if applicable.
  • Not engage in or threaten abusive or violent behavior towards housing authority personnel (physical or verbal).
  • Breech any agreement to pay amounts owed to the housing authority or any amounts paid to an owner by the housing authority on the family’s behalf.
  • Give the housing authority and the owner 30 days written notice of your intent to move.
  • Cannot sublet or lease any part of the assisted unit.
  • Cannot use illegal or controlled substances.
  • Cannot be involved in drug related criminal activities.
  • May not allow anyone who’s not a member of your household to use your address to receive mail, register vehicles, etc.
  • Cannot violate the terms of the lease.
  • Cannot have your utilities disconnected.
  • Maintain the interior and exterior of the unit.
Are inspections required?
Yes. Inspections will be completed prior to the unit being placed under Housing Assistance Payment contract and annually.  For the annual inspection, the tenant and landlord will receive advanced notification of their scheduled inspection.  A “special inspection” may be requested by tenants or landlords as needed.
Do I have to be present when an inspection occurs?
No. However, there must be a responsible adult present, age 18 or over, to let the inspector into the unit.  We advise tenants to be present for the initial inspection, so they know the results of the inspection firsthand.
I was not at home for my inspection, how can I reschedule?
You may reschedule by contacting your housing specialist.  If you miss an inspection, you may jeopardize your rental assistance, so you must contact the office immediately.  If you miss an inspection, you must call in advance to reschedule.
How can I help my unit pass inspection the first time?
A list of helpful tips for landlords in preparing for inspections is listed in “A Good Place to Live” handbook.  Tenants are issued “A Good Place to Live” handbook during their briefing with tips for maintenance or may be found here (link).
What happens if I don't show for an appointment or inspection?
Appointments are scheduled in order to obtain the required information and meet require deadlines. The family obligations require that the families allow the Ashland Assisted Housing to complete necessary paperwork and inspect the unit with a reasonable advance notice.  The Ashland Assisted Housing may issue a notice to deny or terminate assistance, when an applicant or participant fails to keep an appointment, supply information by the deadline, or fails to allow a scheduled inspection.