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29th Street Update

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 Curb and sidewalk work continues on Belmont and Simpson in preparation for final paving. 

29th Street CSO Project Update
Updated June 22, 2018

As we reach the final leg of the 29th Street Combined Sewer Overflow Project (CSO), the City of Ashland Elected Officials and Leadership thank you for your support and patience. This project has been a long and complicated process, but we hope that our citizens understand the need for the decisions made and the subsequent delays. While the CSO Project was federally mandated, it allowed the city a rare opportunity to repair antiquated water lines, and to add additional water lines to increase redundancy to our system, while the subsurface was already exposed. These infrastructure efforts will reduce the impact of future water line breaks on the community like what happened this past Summer after the negative impact the water main break on HWY 23 had on thousands of customers.

Update: On May 24th, 2018, Ashland City Commissioners approved an extension for the 29th Street CSO to encompass work completed to add new water line infrastructure. This addition extended the timeline for the project into July 2018.

Paving is expected to begin on Simpson, Powell and Lookout on June 29th 2018.

29th Street/Belmont CSO and Water Infrastructure Project
Timelines are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.                              

Project Activity
December 2017 – March 2018
Construction of new sidewalks continues between Lexington and Belmont. Two-way traffic on 29th between Lexington and Belmont is maintained during this period, however short duration closures may occur to accommodate construction equipment. Advisory speed limit will be lowered to 10 mph.

March - April 2018
During this timeframe 29th Street will be closed for approximately 6 – 8 weeks between Belmont and Forest Avenue for the installation of storm sewers, new waterline infrastructure and street paving.

29th Street Image 
The below number correlates with the above map.

 √ Completed  
→ Current

√   1. The intersection of 29th Street and Forest Avenue will close beginning March 5th, 2018, while crews install storm drains.

√    2. Upon completion of the 29th and Forest intersection, crews will move to the 1000 Block of 29th Street to install a sewer line across the road. Estimated total 29th street closure time frame is 10-14 days. Through traffic will not be allowed during this period. However, local residents will have access to their property and Belmont Street will be open to through traffic.

√    3. Directly following the above closure, the intersection of 29th and Belmont will be closed for 2-3 days for storm line and water line installation. Belmont will reopen following this intersection work.

√   4. Sewer line installation is complete on 29th Street. New water lines will be installed and connected to service lines beginning April 16th 2018. This portion of the project will take approximately 1 week; 29th Street will remain closed for this installation, Belmont will remain open.

   5. Following the water line installation in step 4, 29th Street will reopen to through traffic. Portions of Belmont Street will have intermittent closures for approximately 3 weeks to complete installation of new sewer and water line infrastructure across Belmont at Geiger, curb inlays and trenchpatch.

 6. Belmont will reopen to traffic with intermittent single-lane closures for final curb work and cement pouring.

→ Final sidewalk/cement work, punchlist work, and paving will be completed by mid-July per the approved schedule extension. 

The above provides residents and businesses our most current timeline. This timeline assumes that the weather does not cause additional delays. 

Paving Schedule:

The paving schedule is dependent on the asphalt plant opening, which historically does not occur until there is no longer a chance of below-freezing temperatures. 

Final paving of Simpson and Belmont will begin directly following water line work. One-way traffic and flagging is anticipated with potential closures. The full rebuild of 29th street road surface from curb to curb between Carter and Belmont. One-way traffic and flagging is anticipated with potential closures.

CSO Fact Sheet


What is the 29th Street and Belmont Project?
he project on 29th Street, Belmont, Simpson and surrounding roads is the Combined Sewer Overflow Project. This project, as required by the Kentucky State Division of Water, requires the City of Ashland to collect and treat 85% of the “wet weather” flow into the system in a typical year. More details on this project can be found by reviewing the Long-Term Control Plan.

In addition to this required project, City of Ashland Leadership and the Department of Engineering agreed to include the replacement of sewer and water infrastructure, as not to duplicate expense and impact on the community by tearing up and repaving newly installed roads.
When will 29th Street, Belmont and Simpson be paved?
The City of Ashland expects road paving to begin in early spring as asphalt plants are not open during the winter months. Due to the fact that weather plays a considerable role in road construction, crews are working to complete side projects, such as sidewalk construction, to ensure that the project remains on the estimated timeline.
Why is the City not paving the portion that is complete?
In an effort to ensure the longevity of the roadwork, paving will be done all at once. This negates the occurrence of cold joints, where new pavement meets older pavement, which are not as strong as a single paving and would be more likely to crack or break in the future.
Why do I not see the contractors working everyday?
The contractor, Tribute Construction, works 4 - 10 hour shifts, which normally does not include Friday except in special circumstances. The contractors work in multiple locations, depending on the portion of the project, including in the creek bed behind the homes on Belmont Street and 29th Street where headwalls are being installed. Headwalls support the road and protect the ends of the pipe, improving pipe capacity and efficiency while reducing erosion around pipe installations.
What is the City doing to manage potholes and rough areas on this stretch of road?
The City of Ashland encourages through traffic to avoid 29th and Belmont unless you are visiting one of our local businesses or live in the area. Increased traffic and speed play a substantial role in tearing up the roads. City crews will continue to fill pot holes and scrape the gravel each Tuesday and Friday to combat the effects of weather and traffic. If you see a particularly bad area or pot hole, please report it to our teams by submitting a report at How Can We Help link.
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