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The Accounting division provides reporting of all financial transactions for the City of Ashland.  The division also provides financial controls for departments to help ensure proper stewardship of public funds.  Accounting receives clear, unmodified opinions on the City’s annual audited financial statements and compliance with requirements described in OMB Circular A-133, and prepares a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Popular Annual Financial Report in conformance with GAAP that meets the requirements of the GFOA excellence in financial reporting program.  This division also requests funds for City programs funded by Federal and State grants and monitors these funds to ensure financial compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.

Accounts Payable processes payments for goods and services and pays all vendors accurately according to procurement policy, while taking advantage of discounts offered.  In fiscal year 2017, Accounts Payable issued 4,712 checks to City’s vendors totaling $24,909,693.

Payroll processes and distributes payroll checks for all City employees.  Payroll is processed biweekly for active City employees and monthly for retirees.  The division is responsible for reporting of local, state, and federal income reporting, W-2 processing, and employee deductions.  Payroll issued 9,841 checks to the City’s over 300 employees and 52 retirees totaling $25,320,236 in the previous Calendar Year.