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Assisted Housing1 document

  • 2016 Administrative Plan.pdf

Financials33 documents

City Budgets9 documents

  • City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY15.pdf
  • City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY16.pdf
  • City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY17.pdf
  • City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY18.pdf
  • City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY19.pdf
  • City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY20.pdf
  • City of Ashland Kentucky Budget FY21.pdf
  • Final Budget Report FY21.pdf
  • Final Budget Report FY22.pdf

Popular Annual Financial Report7 documents

  • 2020 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf
    We are pleased to present the City of Ashland's eighth Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) for the 2020 fiscal year.
  • 2019 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2017 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2016 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2015 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2014 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2013 Popular Annual Financial Report.pdf

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report10 documents

  • 2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financal Report.pdf
  • 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf
  • 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.pdf

Audits7 documents

  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2019.pdf
  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2018.pdf
  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2017.pdf
  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2016.pdf
  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2015.pdf
  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2014.pdf
  • Audit Statement - Fiscal 2013.pdf

Human Resources3 documents

  • Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) - Fire Fighter.pdf
  • Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) for Fire Inspector.pdf
  • Potential Positions Listing.pdf

Net Profit License Fee Forms3 documents

  • Net Profit License Fee Return.pdf
    Form to be filed with a copy of the applicable federal return or schedule
  • Net Profit Quarterly Payment Vouchers.pdf
    Estimate payment forms for the Net Profit License Fee
  • City of Ashland, KY - Estimated Net Profit rev 3-8-2022.pdf

Occupational License Fee Forms4 documents

  • Annual Individual Return of License Fee Withheld - Form OLF 3.pdf
    Form to be filed by an Individual by April 15th whose payroll taxes are not withheld by their employer
  • Annual Reconciliation of License Fee Withheld - Form OLF 2.pdf
    To be filed by February 28th with a copy of the W-2's
  • Application for License Fee Refund - Form OLF 4.pdf
    Application for payroll tax refund
  • Employer's Return of License Fee Withheld - Form OLF 1.pdf
    Quarterly form for payroll withholding

Community and Economic Development21 documents

Planning and Zoning8 documents

  • Zoning Ordinance.pdf
    The zoning ordinance of the City of Ashland
  • Zoning Map of the City of Ashland.pdf
    Color coded map showing the zoning districts of the City of Ashland
  • Sign Permit Application.pdf
    Application for installation of new signage
  • Planning Commission Application.pdf
    Application for cases to be heard by the Planning Commission
  • City Commission Approval.pdf
    Application for zoning/planning cases to be heard by the City Commission for approval
  • BZA Application.pdf
    Application for project review by the Board of Zoning Adjustments
  • Administrative Review.pdf
    Application for internal review of zoning regulations regarding your proposed project
  • 2020 Comprehensive Plan
    Comprehensive plan for the City of Ashland

Building Inspection3 documents

  • Ashland Homeowner Project permit application.pdf
  • Commercial Plan Review and Permit Application.pdf
  • Residential One and Two Family permit application.pdf

CDBG7 documents

  • Revised 2017 CDBG Action Plan.pdf
  • Public Notice of 2017 CDBG Action Plan.pdf
  • NOI- FONSI.pdf
  • 2016 CDBG CAPER.pdf
  • 2016 CAPER Public Hearing Notice.pdf
  • 2015 CAPER.pdf
  • 2015 - 2019 ConPlan AMENDED.pdf
    City of Ashland CDBG  Amended Five Year Consolidated Plan  2015 – 2019

Repair Affair2 documents

  • 2020 Repair Affair Homeowner Application.pdf
  • 2020 Repair Affair Volunteer Application.pdf

Property Maintenance1 document

  • Code Enforcement Board Appeal Form.pdf

Utilities5 documents

  • Bank Draft Application.doc
  • Complaint Form.pdf
  • Reduced Water and Garbage Application.doc
  • Utility Application.pdf
  • Declaration of Domicile for Purchase of Residential Utilities

Fire DepartmentNo documents

Parks and Recreation1 document

  • Ashland City Pool Membership Application.pdf

Ashland Bus System1 document

  • Paratransit App 2013.pdf

Occupational License Fee Ordinance No. 51, 20211 document

  • Occupational License Fee Ordinance No. 51, 2021.pdf
    Ordinance for Business Licenses, Net Profit & Occupational License Fee

Business Privilege License Forms4 documents

  • Business Activity Ceasing Form.pdf
    Complete this form to inactivate an account
  • Business Privilege & Occupational License Application.pdf
    Complete this application to open a new account
  • Change of Business License Information Form.pdf
    Complete this form to update an address or phone number
  • Temporary Vendor Permit Application.pdf
    Licenses are $10 per day up to 5 days

Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance No. 99, 20221 document

  • Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance No. 99, 2022
    Ordinance for Food Trucks and mobile food vendors