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Security Deposits

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When connecting water, sewer, and garbage service all customers pay a Security Deposit to the City of Ashland.

How much is a water deposit?

  • A water deposit is $125.00 for all customers.  If you are elderly or disabled you may fill out the Reduced Water and Garbage form in the Online Document Center for a reduced Deposit of $62.50.
  • There could possibly be another $50.00 deposit required if you live in the Sanitation District #2 sewage area, as we do the billing for them also.
When does it have to be paid?

  • Security Deposits will always appear on your first bill.
Are deposits refundable?

  • Yes.  You may request your deposit be refunded to you or applied to your account after a period of 12 months with no late fees or when canceling your service.  If applied and there is a credit remaining it will be mailed to you at the new address you provide.