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City-Wide Burning Restrictions

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Per City of Ashland Ordinance, burning of refuse, debris, and yard materials is prohibited without prior approval from the Chief of the Ashland Fire Department. 

§ 93.004  PROHIBITED PRACTICES IN HANDLING AND DISPOSAL. (G) To burn any garbage or refuse, waste paper, boxes, rubbish, debris, brush, grass, weeds, cuttings from trees, lawns and gardens, except that such materials may be burned in a furnace or private incinerator, or pursuant to a permit issued by and under the supervision of the Chief of the Fire Department of the city, nor shall any person collect, remove or dispose of same except as provided in this chapter.

To contact the Fire Department for permission to burn refuse call 606-385-3233 during regular business hours. Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm