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Ashland Police Department Crime Prevention is a proactive response to reduce crime through community involvement. Crime Prevention activities provide an opportunity for a partnership between the community and the Ashland Police Department. This partnership provides a vital role in an effort to create safer neighborhoods throughout the city of Ashland. 
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NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH In an effort to support community involvement as a vital part of the solution to Crime Prevention, APD offers various services; Neighborhood Watch being one of them. Neighborhood Watch is a service that provides the opportunity to be involved in structured meetings with fellow citizens and Crime Prevention Officers. These groups provide a source of information that educates on many types of security issues. This allows citizens to have the tools to become safer and identify information, which helps law enforcement to be more effective. Neighborhood Watch also promotes a stronger community, as neighbors work together. 

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT In order to support the Neighborhood Watch efforts, APD proudly participates annually in the National Night Out. This event is for the community and law enforcement to join together in showing support for the fight against crime in their community. During the events there are various block party activities for all ages to enjoy while also having an opportunity to support crime prevention and strengthen unity in the neighborhoods. 

CHILD FINGER PRINTING Another effort APD's Crime Prevention is involved with is Child Fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is an excellent identification tool in case a child is missing. The APD participates in various community events where child fingerprinting is used to provide record keeping. 

APD is also glad to provide various Crime Prevention and safety information to businesses, clubs, organizations, and individuals. Some areas of information available include: home security, identity theft, general safety, child safety, driver safety, Internet safety, and more. For information about Neighborhood Watch Groups or other Crime Prevention services you can contact the Crime Prevention office.

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