Open Records


Citizens looking to obtain a collision report or incident report may click on the link to purchase online. The reports are also available at the Police Station. 


You may use this Open Records Request Form to mail to the Ashland Police. 

To assist us in providing a response to your request, please provide your full name, mailing address and either an email address or phone number with a preferred contact method and a specific description of the records being sought. 

• Payment is required PRIOR to the release of the records.
• Payment must be made for the exact amount, submitted in cash or check
• Make check payable to City of Ashland and mail to: 

If your open record request requires a payment to the City of Ashland:
Ashland Police Department
Records Office
PO Box 1864
Ashland, KY 41105

Note: Please ensure that you describe the specific document(s) requested to include the date, case number, address, & persons involved. Requests for information as opposed to requests for specifically described public records may not be honored. 

Frequently Asked Questions

�–�How much information should I include in my Open Records Request?

An open records request submitted under the Kentucky Open Records Act should contain as much specific information as possible to allow us to identify the correct document or record in a timely manner.   

�–�What information am I required to provide when submitting a request?

You are only required to provide your name, mailing address, a specific description of the records sought, and one of the following: fax, phone number, or address.  Completing every field, however, is recommended.  


�–�What are my rights?

For more information about your right to review public records, please visit the web site of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Attorney General.  Here you will find Attorney General decisions regarding open records / open meetings laws, as well as instructions on how to appeal decisions and request copies of existing decisions.  To better understand your rights as they pertain to public records, please review the documents Protecting Your Right to Know and Outline of Kentucky Open Records and Open Meetings Law.  Additionally, this site can give you more information about open records.


�–�Is there a cost associated with receiving records?

There is sometimes a charge associated with procuring records.  This depends on several factors, including but not limited to the medium provided and the entity requesting.  If your open records request requires a payment to Ashland Police Department, that payment is required PRIOR to the release of records. Payment must be made for the exact amount, submitted in cash or check, and submitted to the agency holding the records. Payment should be made to: City of Ashland. 


�–�How long will it take to receive a response to my request?

Ashland Police Department is obligated to respond within three business days from date of receipt (excluding holidays). If records are not immediately available, or are held by multiple agencies, we will provide a timeframe for when you may expect to examine or receive copies of these records.

�–�How long are records retained?

Ashland Police Department records are held in accordance with the Kentucky Department of Library and Archives Records Retention and Destruction Schedule if you wish to check in advance to see if the records you seek are still likely to be available.