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The Training Section evaluates training standards and requirements for every Police Officer as well as those of the entire department. From these evaluations, departmental training needs, priorities and goals are established.

The Training Section ensures that all Ashland Police Officers receive on-going training in order to maintain certifications and meet required Department, City, State, and Federal standards. The Training Section provides a constant influence throughout an officer's career in the Police Department.

Police Officer Academy
The basic academy curriculum is designed to provide recruit officers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for safe, proper and effective law enforcement service. Instructional blocks include: Criminal Law and Procedures, Traffic Enforcement, Cultural Awareness, Communication Skills, Firearms, Crisis Intervention, Patrol Procedures, Criminal Investigation and Defensive Tactics. The course is held at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond Kentucky.

Field Training Program
Newly hired police officers are required to successfully complete a comprehensive field-training program after graduation from the police academy. Officers are assigned to specially trained and certified Field Training Officers for an extensive twelve-week, police skills training curriculum.

Firearms Training
Ashland Police Officers participate in on-going firearms instruction and are also required to qualify with assigned firearms. The Ashland Police Department utilizes a variety of outdoor and indoor simulator firing ranges to accommodate the various training needs and the Department.

Police Skills Refresher
Ashland Police Officers attend a minimum bi-annual training session each year. Other training covers several state standards such as first aid, bloodborne pathogens, CPR, AED, and hazardous materials. Officers also refresh their skills in other areas such as emergency vehicle operations, defensive tactics, and legal updates.

Career Level Certification
The Career Level Certification Program is a state wide structured curriculum designed to ensure conforming statewide supervisory training standards. The Training Section arranges for each officer to attend a 40-hour "core" course. The supervisor also completes 80 additional hours of supervisory training academy after or just prior to promotion.

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