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Overview of the Technical Services Division

Major Scott Sexton

In law enforcement, the Field Operations Division, or the police cars you see patrolling the streets, is the backbone of any agency. The Technical Services Division supplements police services to our community with specialized policing that enhances the overall quality of police services. Here is a sampling of components of the Technical Services and what their duties entail:

Support Services/Records Section: The Records Section maintains reports, and related documentation completed by the department. These documents must be retained pursuant to KRS on records retention. If you are involved in a collision, or in need of a report for insurance purposes, most of these reports can be obtained online. This section also maintains the department web page as well as administrative functions of the APD Facebook page.

Criminal Investigations Section: Detectives work complex investigations that in most cases, require the interview of multiple persons, voluminous evidence, or simply meets criterion for transfer. Most crimes have an electronic nexus. In other words, a computer or cell phone is usually associated with the case. APD has a Cyber Crimes Unit within CIS to analyze and process electronic evidence in criminal cases. One of the detectives assigned to CIS focuses on drug investigations, working to identify and make cases that are focused on violations of drug related crimes.  

Property: The property officer is charged with securing and properly maintaining all evidence taken in by the police department. The property officer produces the evidence in court during trials, etc. This section also accounts for all assets within the police department.

Court Liaison: The court liaison officer is our contact with the courts. He produces reports and all attachments to the prosecutors, clerks and other law enforcement agencies. He verifies all reports have all required documentation and also serves as departmental contact to Hope’s Place.

School Resource Officer /DARE / Crime Prevention Officer: APD had one of the first SRO programs in the state of Kentucky. The SRO is assigned to our local schools while school is in session. The SRO works directly with the Court Designated Worker to deal with issues in the schools. The DARE / Crime Prevention officer provides the DARE curriculum in our schools and also promotes crime prevention resources to our neighborhoods.

Accreditation: TheAshland Police Department is accredited through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police. This accreditation is intended to provide our agency (and ultimately our community) with an avenue for demonstrating that we meet commonly accepted standards for efficient and effective law enforcement operations. It shows we continually make decisions regarding valid policy and procedures decisions that our employees follow every day. This accreditation does provide a large discount to insurance premiums the city of Ashland pays to the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services.

Parking Enforcement: The board of commissioners passed a downtown parking ordinance in 2016 to restrict parking to 2 hours. The parking enforcement helps our downtown businesses by preventing parking spaces from being taken up the entire day.

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