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The Public Information Office handles a wide variety of activities and community issues in addition to the primary responsibility of providing information to the public and promoting the City of Ashland. Services provided by the Public Information Officer include, but are not limited to, media relations, citizen support, web site development, community presentations, event management, marketing, publications and various education, and outreach activities.

Guiding Principles
The City of Ashland is working to build a Communication and Marketing Plan based around the following 5 communication principles to support the Elected Officials and City Leadership in promoting the mission, vision, and values of the City of Ashland. These principles are critical to successful engagement with residents, businesses, and visitors.

  1. Open Two-Way Communication is critical to ensure that detailed information is available to the citizens of Ashland with an emphasis on two-way informational flow.
  2. Community Participation enables citizens to make informed judgments by providing complete, accurate, and timely information. Citizen support is necessary for City Leadership and Elected Officials to make the best decisions for our community.
  3. Inclusive Processes build a sense of teamwork and a feeling of belonging for citizens and employees alike. Our goal is to include everyone who cares to participate and to motivate those who are not currently involved.
  4. Strong and Consistent Messages should support, reinforce, and reflect the goals of the City of Ashland as established by the Mayor and Commission, thus ensuring the organization has a common purpose.
  5. Proactive Outreach provides the City with a voice to tell its story rather than relying exclusively on others to interpret our actions, issues, and decisions.

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Erika Bonner
Public Information Officer

Contact The City Manager's Office for Assistance.
1700 Greenup Avenue
4th Floor
Ashland, KY 41101

The Mayor's Office
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3rd Floor
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8:30am - 5:00pm