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The City of Ashland Kentucky is committed to protecting our environment and serving the community with our recycling program. The Ashland Recycling Center is located under the 13th Street Bridge.

Effective December 16, 2018, the Ashland Recycling Center is open to the City of Ashland residents and non-residents of the City who purchase an annual, numbered recycling permit for $100.*

City residents gain access to the recycle center by showing a Kentucky Driver's License with an Ashland, KY address OR a city utility bill that includes a "Garbage" charge (along with a photo ID).

Non-residents gain access by showing a numbered recycling permit.

* Recycling permits are available for a fee of $100.00 at the Ashland City Building located at 1700 Greenup Avenue, Ashland, during regular business hours. All permits are issued for one year but must be renewed annually.  Permits are available throughout the year at a pro-rated cost. Commercial businesses are NOT eligible for the permit.

6am - 10am

Thursday and Friday
3pm - 7pm

8am - 4pm

Acceptable recycle materials include:
* Plastic - including soda bottles, milk containers, toiletry bottles, or any bottle with the #1 or #2 printed on the bottom. Labels do not need to be removed. Please rinse and flatten. 
* Plastic Tubs: Butter, Yogurt, & Fruit Cups
* Paper - including white paper, notebook paper, manila folders, mail/envelopes, computer paper, brown papers (grocery, cardboard), newspapers, and phone books. 
* Cans - including aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, steel food/tin cans, or empty aerosol cans. Please rinse and flatten as able. 
* Glass: Bottles and jars of any color.

Any other materials placed in these bins will cause the dumpster to be contaminated and, in turn, must be disposed of as regular trash. This defeats the purpose of recycling and increases the expense to taxpayers. Please be mindful of the materials you place in the recycling dumpsters, for the good of the community.

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