The City of Ashland Fire Department will begin Hydrant testing March 30th, 2020 and will continue through the week. This is a message from Ashland Utilities. This week hydrant testing will be conducted in your area. Water pressure may be reduced and water may appear rust-colored. The water is safe, but please do not wash clothing during hydrant testing. For more information, visit

The zones for March 30th are 3, 6, 9, & 12. Please click the title of each section for a map. 

Hydrant Zone 3 

Roberts Dr. from Blevins St. to Blackburn Ave.  6th St. from Blackburn Ave. to Bruce Apartments.  Pollard Rd. from Blackburn Ave. to 13th St., all neighborhoods on the west side of Pollard Rd.  13th St. areas around ACTC and Ashland Tennis Center.  Westside of Prospect Ave. from Chestnut Hill Dr. to Hilton Ave.

Hydrant Zone 6

From 40th St to 55th St. along Winchester Ave, including the neighborhoods around the 47th St. Boat Ramp.  Following 55th St. to Valleyview Dr. Sherwood Dr. from Banbury Rd. back to Shadowlawn Dr. Blackburn Ave. from Winchester Ave. to Russell St.  This zone will also include Eden Place.

Hydrant Zone 9

 On 13th St. from Corporate Ct. to Blackburn Ave.  Blackburn Ave. from 13th St. to Oakview Rd.  This area also includes Hickory Ridge and Oaklawn Ct.  From 29th St. and Blackburn Ave to Poage School and from Poage School back to 13th St.

Hydrant Zone 12

Boyscout Rd., Oakwood Circle, Ashland Park, Terrace Blvd to South Belmont.  Eastside of Valleyview Dr. including Sherwood neighborhoods.  Grandview Dr. and neighborhoods surrounding Division St., Gartin, and Ferguson Ave.