Commissioner Marshall Steen Resigns, Board Places Mrs. Pat Steen to Complete Term

In a heartfelt letter sent to the Board of Commissioners, Mayor, City Manager, and City Council, Commissioner Marshall Steen tendered his resignation from the City of Ashland Board of Commissioners this past Thursday, January 25th, 2018.

In his letter, Commissioner Steen noted his health has been deteriorating over the past year and that he felt that the citizens would be best served by a Commissioner who could give full attention to the needs of the City. He requested that the Commission consider placing his wife, Mrs. Pat Steen, to fill the remainder of his term. Mrs. Steen has been at Commissioner Steen's side since he began his bid for the City Commission seat. Mrs. Steen is recognized as an active member of the community and has attended every Commission meeting since Commissioner Steen was sworn into office. The Commission unanimously voted to accept Mrs. Steen, stating that they believe no one could fill Mr. Steen's role as a voice for the community better than his wife, companion, business partner and friend. 

The Commission made this decision per KRS 83A.040(5), “as long as at least one member of the legislative body remains, the responsibility of filling vacancies resides with the legislative body… If the legislative body fails to fill a vacancy within 30 days from the date on which it occurs, the power to fill the vacancy is affirmatively shifted to the Governor by operation of law in accordance with KRS 83A.040(6)”

Mrs. Steen will fill the role as Ashland City Commissioner until after the 2018 vote this November and swearing in early January 2019.