The City of Ashland regularly receives reports about street lights being out and we want to thank you for being a concerned citizen and reporting the outages!

The City of Ashland only maintains the “Street Scape” lights on Winchester Avenue (black poles with acorn lights) and also at Joe Harris and AK Steel Sports Park.
If one of these City lights are out, please report it through our ”How Can We Help” portal on the city website and we will repair it as soon as possible:


The vast majority of street lights in the City belong to AEP. If you notice an AEP light out (all those not listed above), you can get the pole number (metal tag normally located at eye level, see picture examples) and report it at 1-800-572-1113 or go to their convenient link:


Per the AEP website “Please know that it could take several weeks before the streetlight you reported can be repaired.”

Again, thank YOU for being a part of what makes Ashland so great!