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Fares and Passes

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Correct change or prepaid pass is required. No additional fee for transfers. Passengers must pay an additional fare for re-entry if they exit the bus.

                                                                Full Fare: .75  Reduced Fare: .35

Full Fare:
Monthly Pass     $30.00
Weekly               $7.50
30 Ride Pass      $18.75
10 Ride Pass      $6.75
1 Ride Token     $0.75
Reduced Fare:
Monthly Pass    $15.00
Weekly              $3.75
30 Ride Pass     $10.50
10 Ride Pass     $3.50

Qualifications for reduced fare:
A reduced fare card may be obtained at the Ashland Bus System office. The following may qualify for a reduced fare card:
        Age 62 or older or disabled
        Medicare Card
        Disabled Veterans
        Children 6 thru 12 years old
        Students to and from school
Children under 6 years old ride free.
Proof of eligibility required for reduced fare rates.

All paratransit routes are $1.50
30 Ride Pass     $45.00
10 Ride Pass     $15.00

Conditions and Limitations of passes:
         Pass will be void if altered, erased or torn.
         Pass is non-refundable and non-transferable.