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What are the benefits of Automatic Bank Draft?
It saves you time by not having to write out a monthly payment.  It also saves postage (if you pay by mail) and gas (if you pay in person), and ensures that your account is paid on time.

How much is the fee on Automatic Bank Draft?
The service is free of charge to our customers.  However, check with your financial institution to see if they charge any related fees.

Who can sign up for Automatic Bank Draft?
Residential and Commercial Customers who have a current utility account and a checking account or savings account can sign up.

Will I continue to have a receive a bill?
Yes. You will receive a bill each month.  Once you are enrolled with Automatic Bank Draft, you will notice a message at the bottom of the bill that states “this amount will be deducted from your bank on ....”.

How will I know when the money will be taken out of my account?
Each billing cycle, the exact drafting date will be noted on the bill you receive. 

Can I select the date to have my payment taken out of my account?
Dates cannot be selected due to the billing process.

Can I specify how much you can draft out of my account?
No. At this time, the entire bill is drafted for payment. 

Complete the Automatic Bank Draft Application and return with a voided check to: City of Ashland, Attention: Finance Department, P.O. Box 1839, Ashland, Kentucky 41105.  For additional information concerning Automatic Bank Draft, please contact customer service at (606) 385-3275.