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Located at 300 16th Street, between the First Presbyterian Church and the Community Trust Bank, the newly renovated Broadway Square is officially open! Click here to view the opening weekend program.

Broadway Square began as a large sandy knoll that ran most of the length of the downtown business district when the Poage Family and the other founders first landed on the riverfront in 1786 and shortly thereafter. The First Presbyterian Church was built atop the knoll in 1857 and the rapidly growing community was officially incorporated in 1854. As businesses thrived, the focus of growth moved from Front Street and Greenup Avenue to the new Winchester Avenue area with its broad thoroughfare carved from the former large front yards of residences.

Broadway, renamed later as 16th Street, was a central part of the bustling town and was quite literal in the translation of being a “Broad Way” for stagecoaches to turn around, especially in comparison to the width of other parallel streets. The sandy knoll was removed along Winchester Avenue allowing the current downtown to be constructed. The First Presbyterian Church provides the only evidence of the original elevation of the downtown area.

Framing the Broadway Square is the largest building in the city, Community Trust Bank, formerly the Ashland National Bank, which completed construction in 1923 and stands at 116 feet with 11 stories.

The Name Broadway Square is a combination of returning to its historical foundation of “Broadway” and “Square” referencing an open public space in the heart of town for community gatherings. \n\nFor over 150 years, the Broadway Square area has been at the heartbeat of Ashland. Banking, shopping, entertainment, and dining have been conducted along and around the area. The vision behind the remodel of this area is to continue the heartbeat for residence and guests today as well as generations to come.

The Mayor and Commissioners are honored to dedicate Broadway Square to the citizens of Ashland for posterity, enjoyment, life, and continued growth. We invite you to Create With Us in Ashland, Kentucky!