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As of September 20, 2021, the waiting list is open:

Assisted Housing Application 2021

2021 HUD Income Limits

AAH 2021 Income Limit

Ashland Assisted Housing Authority’s mission is to leverage the power of affordable, decent, safe, and stable housing to help communities thrive and low-income families increase their potential for long-term economic success and sustained high quality of life. 

Recognize participants as the ultimate customer.
Increase the amount of low-income rental housing stock in Boyd County by:   

*       Expanding landlord participation
*       Working with other agencies influencing housing (code enforcement, planning, zoning, etc.).   
*       Reduce the PUC (price per unit) allowing the agency to serve more families.
*       Lower administrative cost of the agency by streamlining processes and procedures and effective use of Federal funding.
*       Reduce the number of re-inspections on rental units reducing administrative burden.
*       Streamlining admission and lease-up process.
*       Decrease time between voucher issuance and lease-up.
*       Continued Fair Housing efforts in the community.
*       Increase the number of VASH participants within the jurisdiction.
*       Improve service delivery efforts through effective and efficient program management.
*       Seek problem-solving partnerships with participants, landlords, and community and government leaders.
*       To assist the local economy by increasing the occupancy rate and the amount of money flowing into the community.


Ashland Assisted Housing Authority 1700 Greenup Avenue, Suite 212 Ashland, Kentucky 41101                     
Phone: (606) 385-3327 Fax: (606) 385-3331 Email: 

Ashland Assisted Housing Authority
(606) 385-3327
Fax: (606) 385-3331

1700 Greenup Avenue
Suite 212
Ashland, Kentucky 41101

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1839
Ashland, Kentucky 41105