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Phone: 606-385-3332
City Engineer:  Steve Cole, P.E.
Email: scole@ashlandky.gov

The Engineering Department's primary function is to provide professional engineering and technical support to the City. The Engineering Department oversees most capital projects from concept and design through construction.  Some of the functions of the Engineering Department include:  

  • Maintain City mapping and GIS system
  • Reviewing building permits, construction site plans, subdivision plats, conditional use of right-of-way permits.
  • Administer City's sidewalk and concrete program
  • Administer City's paving program
  • Administer Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program in coordination with Public Works.
  • Perform surveys for City projects.  
  • Design sanitary sewers, waterlines, storm sewers, roadways and other public infrastructure.
  • Construction inspection. 
  • Solve drainage issues