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Sidewalk Maintenance and Replacement Policy

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Every day, hundreds of people use Ashland's sidewalks for travel, exercise and recreation.  It is vital that these sidewalks are maintained for the safety of our pedestrians.  

Sidewalk maintenance, by City ordinance, is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.  Not only does it include clearing of debris, snow and trash, it also includes replacement and repair when necessary.  This requirement is very similar to most communities, not only in Kentucky, but across the nation.  

In order to promote a safe walkable community, the City of Ashland has adopted a sidewalk replacement and cost sharing program to assist property owners.  Below is a summary of the policy: 

The City of Ashland appropriates funds every fiscal year to fully fund some sidewalk projects (new and/or replacement of existing).  The projects will be prioritized as follows:
  • Along residential lots on major and minor arterial and collector streets
  • Adjacent to City owned property
  • As a part of a street improvement (ie. paving, streetscape, widening, drainage...etc.)
  • Within two blocks of a school
  • Adjacent to government buildings
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development funded projects
  • Projects specifically funded by a grant
  • Patches or individual point repairs not to exceed $800 per lot per year.
  • At or near bus stops
The City of Ashland also appropriates funds every year to our cost sharing program to assist owners with replacement and new sidewalks.  The cost sharing program is as follows:
  • Residential and Commercial sidewalks, curbs, driveway approaches and retaining walls within the public street right-of-way may be replaced on a 75% city paid / 25% owner paid basis.  
  • On 75/25 projects, the City will pay 100% for replacement of ADA accessible ramps on residential lots.
  • New sidewalks, including retaining walls, and/or curbs along residential lots may be installed on a 75/25 basis.  
  • Sidewalks damaged by property owners, contractors or others shall be paid 100% by the property owner.  
  • New driveway approaches, parking pads or other concrete work within the right-of-way that is not a part of a sidewalk project, shall be paid 100% by the property owner.  
  • Sidewalks, ADA accessible ramps, curbs, retaining walls and driveway approaches required to be replaced and/or installed due to a new development or redevelopment project shall be paid 100% by the owner unless otherwise approved by the commission.  
  • Property owners choosing to have concrete work within the public street right-of-way installed or replaced at 100% owner cost may 1.) contract the work with a contractor and securing all permits to work within the right-of-way from the City;  2.) install the work yourself to Ashland's specifications and securing all permits to work within the right-of-way; or 3.) enter into an agreement with the City to have the City's concrete contractor install the work (pending feasibility and available resources.)
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