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The Department of Finance is responsible for the integrity and overall financial management of the City of Ashland within guidelines.  The department administers the City-wide operating budget and plays a key role in every financial transaction.  Services provided by the department include fiscal oversite, accounting, analysis, debt management, investments, purchasing, result-based budgeting, cash handling, payroll, accounts receivable billing, and  collections.

We have  committed ourselves to doing the job right the first time with knowledgeable, efficient and effective service.  The department ensures integrity by directing, coordinating and monitoring all service functions and assures progress by developing new and improved techniques and procedures.

The Department of Finance provides processing and reporting of all financial transactions for the City of Ashland and provides financial controls for departments to help ensure proper stewardship of public funds.  The Finance Department also provides services that support management decisions through timely financial statements and accurate processing and reporting of payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash transactions.  All applicable documents conform with requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

  • Compliance with G.A.A.P. (General Accepted Accounting Principals) , G.A.A.S. (General Accepted Auditing Standards) and G.A.S.B. (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)
  • Investing government funds and managing the pension investment portfolios
  • Treasury management
  • Prepares the quarterly and year end reports on CDBG and Voucher HUD programs in accordance with the current code of Federal regulations
  • Administers the financial reporting for various grants and assists community sub grantees with financial reporting
  • Managing and coordinating municipal bond issues, debt service payments and providing all related financial disclosure information
  • Administering cash and investment collateralization policies
  • Maintains adequate budget and expenditure monitoring through internal accounting and financial controls
  • Directs the administration of delinquent account collection, coordinates legal suits with legal counsel and maintains accounts receivable subsidiary ledger for all delinquent accounts
  • Maintains fixed asset records for the City
  • Administers the Policemen, Firefighter, and Utility pension funds
  • Completion of Acturial study
  • Coordinates the annual fiscal audit
For additional information, please call (606) 385-3275.