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Voluntary Curbside Recycling Survey

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Ashland’s Mayor and Commissioners recently approved a bid from Rumpke to conduct a survey of Ashland residents to determine their interest in a Voluntary Curbside Recycling program.

Rumpke is now in the process of collecting names, addresses, and phone numbers of residents interested in paying a one-time recycling cart delivery fee of $20 and a monthly fee of $7.75 for every-other-week recycle pickups. The monthly fee will be $7.98 per month in the second year and $8.22 per month in the third year.

If you are interested in participating in this voluntary program, please email your name, address, and phone number to ashland.recycles@rumpke.com If you utilize email, Rumpke will provide an email confirmation of your submittal within a few days.

An alternative to email is to fill out the attached flier, which will also be sent out in upcoming utility bills. Just complete your information on the flier and return it via postal mail to Rumpke, 819 Island Road, Circleville, OH.

Signup will occur from now until 12 October 2019. Rumpke must have a participation rate of at least 850 households to make the program work.

At the conclusion of the survey, the results will be provided to the Mayor and Commissioners for a decision to go forward with this voluntary program.

Voluntary Curbside Recycling Survey