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Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands project

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The Kentucky Division of Abandoned Mine Lands (KDAML) is in the preliminary planning stage of a project that will address problems caused by historic coal mining in the Ashland area. These problems may include:

  • Mine Subsidence (sinking ground related to a collapsed underground mine)
  • Dangerous Mine Openings
  • Drainage Problems
  • Other issues related to old mine works
Ashland citizens are encouraged to report these problems, which are possibly related to historic mining, to KDAML by:

KDAML will investigate the problems and determine if they are eligible for reclamation. The forthcoming project will be implemented with Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding. Eligible problems will be reclaimed at no cost to the landowner. 

To learn more about the KDAML and this project, you can visit their website by clicking here: https://eec.ky.gov/.../Abandoned-Mine.../Pages/default.aspx