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City of Ashland Rental Registration Ordinance

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Dear Ashland Rental Property Owners,

The City of Ashland implemented a Rental Registration Ordinance in 2021 to enhance community safety and ensure the well-being of residents. All rental property owners within the City of Ashland are encouraged to register their units with the City.

Registration details:
  • The City  has the authority to impose fines of $100 per day for every unregistered unit within the City limits.
  • Rental registration information submitted by property owners will be treated as confidential by the City of Ashland. 

Benefits of registration: 
  • Promotes community safety and well-being
  • Allows the City to maintain accurate records of rental properties
  • Enables efficient communication with property owners in case of emergencies or important updates.
How to register: 
Important note: 
Non-compliance with the Rental Registration Ordinance may result in financial penalties. It is in the best interest of all property owners to register their units promptly.

Take Action Today! 
Ensure your property is registered to avoid fines and contribute to a safer community.
Thank you for your cooperation.

City of Ashland Property Maintenance Division
Phone: (606) 385-3317