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The City of Ashland is partnering with the University of Kentucky and West Virginia University for work in the water sector. This is an exciting opportunity for high school students and other new entrants to the workforce to gain experience in the drinking water and wastewater industry.

The city will be hiring four interns for up to 12 weeks of work. The locations are our four utility divisions, which are water production, water distribution, wastewater treatment and wastewater collection. The position will pay $16/hr., plus a travel stipend and uniforms, or a uniform stipend. These interns will receive mentorship, including classroom and hands on training! As the interns work through our program, they will be gaining valuable knowledge, experience and skills required for working and being certified by the state of Kentucky to work in that specific field.

Eligible applicants (Summer 2024)
- At least 16 years of age
- Completed at least their sophomore year of high school by the summer participating in the program.
- A current resident of Appalachia at the time of the application.
- Has not previously worked a full-time job for greater than twelve consecutive months
- Willing/able to commit to working up to 12 weeks. 

Training components
- Paid work-based learning placement with a local water/wastewater utility
- Weekly training modules covering treatment, safety, career opportunities, etc.
- Mentorship
- Travel/uniform stipend

Have questions? Contact waterworc@gmail.com for more information!

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